About Me

My name Tera Dunn, I am an aspiring actress, entrepreneur, and stylish mama living in Los Angeles.  I was married to an incredible man and Chef, Clinton Robert Dunn.  Clint unfortunately passed away in October 2019.  Clint and I had our first child in 2016, we named him Maxwell.

A major constant in my life has always been the love, the arts, fashion, beauty, good wine, and even better coffee.  I just can’t get enough.  I love to shop, and I believe there is an art to shopping.  It is not just sufficient to have money and buy something; you have to have your style and only buy what makes sense for your lifestyle.

I own a coffee company called Mama Vibes Coffee Co.  as well as an online boutique called Mama Drip, both curated for mamas.

my personal style is everything from affordable to high-end luxury items; I always have to know why you are paying for something.   I hope me sharing my journey as a single mom, life, and style with you will inspire you to design your life.  Thank you, and nice to meet you.

with much love,

Tera Dunn

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