New Mommy Life

Yesterday I found myself using a baby wipe to clean my armpits.  That said baby wipe was first used to clean my baby’s neck after he spit-up.  “Ew, gross!! Why would you do that?” you ask?  Possibly because it still had some mileage on it and quite frankly I could smell myself.

You see my loves, I hadn’t showered all day.  Not just because I didn’t have enough time in the day, but also because it’s hard for me to leave my baby for longer than 10 minutes.  Showering has become quite the production, first I’d have to get him to a place of calm so that I could bring him in the bathroom with me, or if I could get him to sleep I could take the baby monitor in there with me and I can stare at it while trying not to get shampoo in my eye.(haha if I wash my hair)

You may think I’m neurotic.  You may think what happened to that fancy girl who never left the house without makeup?  Or the girl who would drive all the way home if she looked in the rear view mirror and noticed she forgot mascara?  I’m still here!!  I’m right here, I’m just a new mommy. I don’t know if you are, or if you know someone who is but trust me together we will navigate through this.  I promise.



Tera Belle